The Foundation
The Parsons’ Cause Foundation, Inc. is  a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit Virginia corporation.  The Foundation, established in 2004, exists for the purpose of (1) promoting the historical importance of The Parsons' Cause Trial, (2) producing the Parsons’ Cause reenactment for county events, private parties, school groups and public and private organizations, and (3) enhancing the public's awareness of persons and events relevant to the history of the United States of America in general and the Commonwealth of Virginia in particular.

The Board

Dale Alderman
Robert Boclair, Vice-President
Sandra Boclair, Secretary
Marla M. Coleman
Anne Geddy Cross
Brenda Gilman
Clay Hamner
Steve Hawkins, Treasurer                  Marc Holma
Betsy Marks
Jeff Miller                                            Jacquelyn Rook
John T. Tucker, III, President
Sarah F. Whiting
Deborah B. Winans